Gillenwater Consulting Group is the strategic "sparkplug" our clients plug in to facilitate collaboration, connect advisors and cultivate relationships to help advisors drive revenue and grow their practices.

Kari Gillenwater

Kari's love of marketing and strategic business development has shaped her 25+ year career. In 2005, she entered the insurance/financial world and became the Executive Director of The McGehee Group, Inc., an elite producer study group, which was the impetus for starting her own business.

Her work scope evolved as she began to specialize in supporting other elite insurance advisors and their study groups. Now, she devotes her entire practice to helping them succeed. She develops and manages advisor-centric study groups and conferences. In addition she coaches advisors on business development, accountability and creating strategic alliances to increase their bottom line.


Our Services

Creating Collaboration Through Group Study
At GCG we specialize in building professional study groups within the financial industry. We develop programs for large companies, as well as small individual groups. Our study groups are strategically designed to foster dialogue and provide a forum where advisors can leverage each other's knowledge, share ideas and problem solve in a dynamic environment. We have the experience to provide the consistency, content and structure these groups need to stay relevant and viable. From pre-event to post-event we handle every detail so our advisors can focus on why they are there - not running the event.
Conducting Corporate Conferences & Retreats
We provide turn-key planning and implementation, or simply augment existing staff with project specific support. From selecting the perfect venue and negotiating contracts to designing relevant and impactful content, we do it all.  We can recommend and secure speakers and sponsors and manage the entire registration process. We can manage all meeting communications, create professional meeting materials, collect speaker presentations and handle all audio-visual needs.  We perform on-site facilitation so the entire event runs smoothly, on schedule and on budget.
Coaching Advisors on Business Planning, Development and Accountability

Coaching at GCG is customized based on each advisors' specific experience and needs. We listen, learn and ask the tough questions to see where there is room for growth.  We offer ideas for improvement and new ways of approaching challenges. We work with advisors to enable them to build their own actionable business plan to position them for success. We facilitate self-growth, and empower, motivate and encourage advisors as they implement their plan and we provide monthly 

accountability measures to keep them

on track. 

Our Clients

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"Kari is the professionals professional and I would strongly suggest that you take advantage of our experience and her expertise as she does a far better job at less cost with better results than we can do ourselves. Lastly she knows how to herd the audience and the presenters to make the meeting run far more efficiently and effectively than we had ever been able to do ourselves. I wouldn't run a meeting without Kari being involved."

Simon Singer
 CFP®, CAP®, RFC®, 
The Advisor Consulting Group

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