Our Story

"True connections, those instances where you genuinely    connect with others, truly have the ability to transform and   empower people and their businesses." 

With that belief in mind, Gillenwater Consulting Group (GCG) is dedicated to creating the perfect environments for our clients to connect and build relationships with other advisors and their clients to grow their businesses.  


We lead and facilitate growth for our high-level advisor clients within the insurance and financial industry by strategically designing events to initiate collaboration, connect people and cultivate relationship building.  Whether through peer-to-peer study groups, educational conferences, networking events or even outdoor sporting retreats, we help advisors engage, share ideas and collaborate with one another to enhance their practices, drive revenue and business development.


GCG is experienced in working with and coaching high-end advisors and understands their unique needs and the relevant issues that surround their industry.  Our team is fully engaged and present on-site at all of our events, and from beginning to end, we personally see that every detail is managed seamlessly so our clients can focus on why they are there – not running an event.


Whether we are facilitating a small group of advisors in a boardroom, building strategic alliances with centers of influence over a long weekend of skiing or hunting, or connecting hundreds of advisors at an industry-wide event, GCG has proven success in crafting the perfect environment to facilitate collaboration, connection and to cultivate advisor relationships.